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Ф160/Ф680×850 Four-roller Reversible Cold Rolling Mill Group

1、Rolling Condition

Material: plain carbon steel
Feed Thickness: 4mm;
Feed Width: 650mm
Finished-product Thickness: 1mm
Finished-product Width: 650mm 
Rolling speed: V≤500m/min  
Rolling pressure: 800T 

2、Equipment Configuration:

Host unit: Ф160/Ф680×850 Four-roller Cold Rolling Mill 

(1)Press-down Device: Hydraulic AGC

AGC Hydraulic system is mainly constituted by servo hydraulic station (one set), servo valve station (2 units), and AGC press-down oil cylinder (2 units) etc. The hydraulic pipeline and working hydraulic oil medium between servo hydraulic station, servo valve station and AGC press-down oil cylinder are provided by the equipment purchaser.   

1)、Hydraulic system parameters:

1、Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 760L;
2、System rated flow: 34L/min;  
3、System max. pressure: 250 bar;
4、Rated working pressure: 210 bar;
5、Max. press-down speed:≥3mm/s;
6、Max. reset speed ≥ 4.25mm/s;
7、System response frequency: about 15~20Hz;
8、System working temp.: 25~60℃;
9、System filtering accuracy: 5um;
10、Matching motor power: 11kwX2; 1-duty-2-standby
11、Circulation back-pressure motor power: 3kw;

2)、Press-down AGC oil cylinder technical parameters

1、Piston dia.: ¢520;
2、Piston rod: ¢450
3、Stroke: 50mm
4、Max. thrust: (double cylinder): 800 tons

(2)Rack Assembly:

1.Two plates of closed memorial archway (pistol section 420×520mm);
2.Equipped with imported pressing plate;
3.Equipped with roller device.
4.Upper supportive roller balancing method: hydraulic balance

(3)Roller device

1.Roller dia. × roller surface widthФ160×770
Material: 86CrMoV7
Bearing adopts inner loop rolling bearing
2.Support roller diameter × roller surface Ф680×750
Material: 9Cr2Mo
Bearing adopts FCD82120440
3.Lubrication method: oil-gas lubrication
4.Roller replacing method: support roller hydraulic replacing the roller (with replacing rail), manual replacing the roller

(4)Main transmission:

1.Transmission method: support bearing transmission
2.Main motor: Z560-4A    N=750kW    n=413/1200r/min two units input in shunt connection
3.Main gear motor: compound gear box i=4
4.Cross universal connection shaft (with connecting shaft bracket)
5.Transmission base and basic bolt

3、Hydraulic rectangular pyramid recoiling machine: two sets

1.Roll dimension: Ф508×750mm   Harmomegathus quantity: 30mm
2.Motor: Z560-4A    N=750kW      n=413/1200r/min   
3.Gear motor center distance: 850mm (reinforced) i=3
4.Max. rolling weight:10T 
5.Coiling tension: 5T
6.Discharge form: push plate, lifting and dropping, harmomegathus are driven hydraulically (with hydraulic pressure station)

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