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Ф125/Ф150/Ф450×500 6-roller reversible cold rolling mill

I. Rolling conditions:

Material: carbon steel, special steel
Feed material thickness: 3.0mm
Feed material width: ≤400mm
Finished product thickness: 0.15mm  
Finished product width:≤400mm 
Rolling speed: V≤180m/min
Rolling pressure: 300T 

II. Equipment configuration:

Main machine:Ф125/Ф150/Ф450×500 6-roller reversible cold rolling mill

(1)、Screwdown device:

1.Electric screwdown motor YZ model  11KW×2 sets
2.It can screw down and lift simultaneously or lift and screw down seperately;
3.The screwdown worm drive comprises of a double-enveloping worm screw and a worm wheel. The center-to-center spacing is 360㎜ 
4.High speed worm gearbox is WS180;
5.The screwdown threaded rod is B180×8 made up of 40Cr; 
6.The worm gearbox is made up of ZG270-500.

(2)、Mill housing assembly:

1.Two pieces of closing housing(pillar section 200×260mm)
2.The upper roller is for spring balance, and the lower roller is for hydraulic roller lifting;
3.Equipped with wringing device to dry coolant 
4.Provided with front and rear process brackets and roller support device (thickness gauge, two sets, prepared by the customer)
5.Foundation bolts, drive base and repair platform.

(3)、Roller device

1.Working roller diameter×roller face width Ф125×520 
Material: 86CrMoV
For bearing, it adopts rolling bearing with inner ring
2.Supporting roller diameter×roller face width Ф450×500  
Material :9Cr2Mo
For bearing, it adopts FCD5678275
3.Middle roll diameter×roller face widthФ150×500 
Material:9Cr2Mo (asymetrical movement is 120㎜)
4.Lubricating method: oil-air lubrication
5.Roller change method: hydraulic roller change (provided with roller change rail)

(4)Main drive

1.Drive method: middle roller drive
2.Main motor:Z4-355-32    N=355kW    n=600/1600r/min  U=440V
3.Main speed reducer: ZDY355
4.Herringbone gearbox (steel parts):A=400mm 
5.Equipped with cross shaft universal spindle (provided with spindle support)

III. Hydraulic rectangular pyramid coiler,two sets

1.Drum size:Ф508×500mm
2.Motor: Z4-280-41  N=185KW  n=750/1900r/min   U=440V
3.Center-to-center spacing of speed reducer: A=750㎜
4.Max.coil weight: 5t ;expansion and retraction value: 25㎜;  tension:5t ;coil diameter: Ф1500㎜
5.Discharge form: pushing plate, lifting and lowering, expansion and retraction are all hydraulic actions.

IV. Hydraulic station: 10Mpa  One set

1.Motor: =5.5KWX2 sets
2.Cce, overflow valve, system pressure Segmentation coondensor, energy accumulator, pressure gauge, three-level filtering, load dumping devintrol capability

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