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Ф220/Ф450/Ф950×1500 6-roller reversible cold rolling mill

◆I. Rolling conditions

  Material: carbon steel
   Feed material thickness: 3.0mm Feed material width:≤1250mm
   Finished product thickness:=0.3mm Finished product width:≤1250mm
   Rolling speed:V≤210m/min Rolling pressure:P=1200T

◆II. Equipment configuration:

  Main machine:Ф220/Ф450/Ф950×1500 6-roller reversible cold rolling mill One set

  (1)Hydraulic press device:
   1、Hydraulic station:25Mpa
   2、Cylinder diameter:Ф800mm
   3、609 servo valves and amplifiers
   4、US MTS magnetic sensor, built-in installation
   5、S7-300+ Human-machine interface realizes DP system communication
   6、Thickness gauge: QNT-III type (self-provided)
   7、Achieve automatic thickness control and tension participation

  Electric pressing device:

  1. DC motor Z4-225-11 N=55KW n=750/1300r/min
  2, high-speed worm gear box WS450 i=40
  3, low-speed level secondary enveloping worm gear box center distance A = 750 Mn = 40
  4, press the screw B300X12
  5, unilateral with 600 tons pressure gauge

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