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Ф190/Ф900×1180 Four-roll AGC Reversible Cold Rolling Unit Technical Parameters
I Rolling Conditions 
Material: stainless steel 201, 304
Feedstock thickness: ≤3.0mm        Feedstock width: ≤1050mm
Finished product thickness: ≥0.25mm   Finished product width: ≤1050mm
Rolling speed: design speed V≤230m/min (load running 210m/min)
Rolling pressure: P≤1500t
II Device Configuration
Main engine: Ф190 /Ф900×1180 Four-roll AGC reversible cold rolling unit
(1) Screw down gear: (see AGC parameters for detail)
(2) Rack Mounting:
1.Two plates of close housing post (sectional dimension of the vertical shaft: 500×600㎜);
2.Upper and lower supporting rolls are used for hydraulic equilibrium, upper working roll is lifted through hydraulic pressure;
3.The open height of cleanings between the working rolls are ≤20㎜ so as to make it convenient for crossing the strip steels;
4.It is equipped with front and back carrier rollers, thickness gauge, hydraulic type hold-down gear and hydraulic type wiping technology rack;
5.A one-sided adjustable idler roller type feedstock guide way device is installed at the approach direction;
6. There are the transmission base and a whole set of bay bolt and rack plate;
7.QNT-2 type thickness gauge   Two sets (provided by the user itself)
(3) Roller Device:
1.  Working roll diameter X roll surface widthФ190×1180㎜  Material: 9Cr2Mo
Antifriction bearings are adopted.
2.Supporting roll diameter X roll surface width Ф900×1150㎜
  Material: 9Cr2Mo
 FCDP106156570 is adopted as the bearing.
3. Lubricating system: air-oil lubrication is used for the supporting roll and water cooling for working roll.
4. Roll changing mode: hydraulic pressure for roll changing (matched with roll changing track); hydraulic pressure for changing of the working roll.
(4)Main transmission:
1.Transmission method: through the supporting roll
2.Main electromotor: Z630-4A  N=780KW  Two sets   n=280/850r/min (XiShan Electromotor)
3.Herringbone gear: compound gear box (matched with lubricant passage way pipeline)
4.Cross-shaped universal spindle: SWC490 (concertina type) universal hydraulic journal sticking device
III Hydraulic Pressure Harmomegathus Uncoiler:
Device Configuration:
Uncoiling form: the uncoiling direction is from upside and the uncoiler is composed of main components including coiling block, main body, foundation, compression roller and trolley.
The coiling block is composed of four fanning strips and the principal axis, which drives the fanning strips to move to realize harmomegathus of the coiling block. The coiling block cylinder has rotating oil feeder to supply oil; the uncoiler reduction gearbox is welding structure; the foundation is welding; compression roller is composed of compression roller stand, compression roller (rubber coating) assembly unit and hydraulic cylinder; the compression roller stand is welding structure which is fixed on the uncoiler box.
Coiling block size: Ф490-Ф518×1280mm
Electromotor: Z4-315-42  N=315KW  n=750/1600r/min (XiShan Electromotor) 
Reduction gears: 850
Max coil weight:20 T    Max coiling diameter: φ1800㎜
It is hydraulic motor for trolley moving in and out and it is hoist cylinder
IV Solid Core Recoiling Machine   Two sets
 1.Coiling block size: Ф500×1180mm
 2.Electromotor: Z630-4A  N=780KW  n=280/850r/min (XiShan Electromotor)
 3.Reduction gears: ZLY710 (Tailong)
 4.Coiling tension: ≤20T    Max coil weight: 20T   Max coiling diameter: φ1800㎜
 5.Compression roller device is the recoil pattern (rubber coating).
V Unit Hydraulic Pressure Station
1.One set of medium-pressure 11MPa;
2.Condenser, energy accumulator, pressure gage, three-stage filtration, load shedding device, overflow valve, system pressure section control ability. 
IV Dilute Oil Lubricating Station: 125L/min  One set
(Rolling mill and recoiling machine reduction gearbox, herringbone gear box and lubrication for the bearing position are provided.)

1500T-AGC Hydraulic System Technical Protocol
This hydraulic system is the dedicated device designed by Wuxi Jingcheng Co., Ltd. according to technical requirements. Technical specifications and performance parameters of this equipment are stipulated in this technical protocol.
I Equipment Composition and Technical Parameters
1.Main Engine (AGC) Hydraulic System
Major parameters and characteristics of AGC hydraulic pressure station:
Nominal pressure of the system: 25Mpa;
Working pressure of the system: 21Mpa;
Flux of the system: 104l/min;
Electromotor power:45KW (one working and one spare motor);
Filter fineness:5μm;
Depressing speed: >3mm/s;
System response frequency: 15~20Hz;
Depressing oil cylinder diameter: φ700mm;
Depressing oil cylinder stroke: 70mm.
Maximum output of single cylinder: 750 tons.
Oil tank capacity: 1500L
There are two sets of imported constant pressure variable pumps A10VSO71 in this system (they are energy saving and small in calorific value), and two sets of Wannan electro motors (one working and one spare motor). There are one-way valves installed at the delivery side of each pump. Oil is supplied to the depressing oil cylinder on the rack through pressed oil cleaner as well as connecting energy accumulator. In order to prevent against overload of the pump, safety electromagnetic relief valve is installed on the delivery side of pump to serve as overpressure protection. Meanwhile, this electromagnetic relief valve can also realize idle load starting-up, stopping and unloading of the system. The scavenge oil in the system can flow back to the fuel tank through oil return filter.
This station has been installed with a hydraulic screw down cylinder return control pumping set and connected with an energy accumulator to provide backpressure oil sources for the lower cavity of the screw down cylinder. The backpressure is 3MPa.
To ensure the cleanliness, oil temperature and the system reliability, independent circulation and cooling (plate-type) have been equipped in the system. The nominal pressure of the circulating and filtration system is P = 0.5Mpa;flux is Q = 80L/min;The precision of circulating and filtration is 10μm.
The hydraulic pressure station is also composed of hydraulic accessories like hydraulic accessories, energy accumulator, tank gauge and liquid thermometer, electric contact thermometer control, liquid level relay, air cleaner, oil suction filter, oil return filter and high-pressure filter.
Fuel tank and hydraulic piping are made of stainless steel and there is independent circulating filtration cooling installation to conduct circulating filtration cooling for the oil fluids in the fuel tank. Various energy storage equipments and shock absorber have been adopted to guarantee response speed of the system and to reduce vibration. A variety of filter units have been installed to ensure the cleanness of the system and to improve working reliability of the system. High integration density design has been adopted to reduce the quantity of pipelines and valves to avoid leakage to the utmost. Working condition sensors of key accessories like pressure, temperature, liquid level and filter clogging have been installed to facilitate operation and overhaul. The system has extremely high cleanliness (NAS7 grade) as well as excellent pressure stability and dynamic behavior to ensure the whole AGC control system can have high response speed and control precision.
The hydraulic system adopts energy accumulator and constant pressure variable pump to save energy and reduce system heating;
Electromagnetic relief valve and pump interlocking control have been adopted, which has realized idle load starting-up and stopping of the pump and improved the service life of the pump.
Magnetic valves and other main control valves are all domestic products manufactured by means of technology introduced from Germany REXROTH Company, whose performance is reliable.
Screw down system adopts high-performance electro-hydraulic servo valve to improve response characteristics of the system.
a.Two servo valves (made by 18th Institute)
b.Two pressure transmitters (made by GEFRAN)
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