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Ф110/Ф350×350 Four-roller cold rolling mill unit

I. Rolling conditions:

Material: common carbon steel

Feed material thickness: 3.0mm Feed material width: 250mm

Finished product thickness: 0.15mm   Finished product width:250mm

II. Equipment configuration:

Main machine:Ф110/Ф350×350 four-roller cold rolling mill

(1)Screwdown device

1. Electric screwdown motor Y model 5.5KW×2 sets

2. It can screw down and lift simultaneously or lift and screw down seperately

3. The screwdown worm drive comprises of a double-enveloping worm screw and a worm wheel. The center-to-center spacing is 270㎜  

4. The screwdown threaded rod is B120×6 made up of 40Cr.

5. The worm gearbox is made up of ZG270-500.

(2)Mill housing assembly:

1.Two pieces of closing housing(pillar section 200×260mm)

2.Equipped with imported pressplate

3.Equipped with roller support device

4.The upper roll is for spring balance

(3)Roller device

1.Working roller diameter×roller face width Ф110×370  

Material :9Cr2Mo

For bearing, it adopts rolling bearing with inner ring

2.Supporting roller diameter×roller face width Ф350×350

Material :9Cr2Mo

For bearing, it adopts FC4058192

Lubricating method: grease lubrication

Roller change method: manual roller change (provided with roller change rail)

(4)Main drive

Drive method: supporting roller drive

Main motor: Z4-280-41    N=185kW    n=750/1900r/min

Main speed reducer: ZLY315 (provided with lubricating oil pipeline)

Herringbone gearbox: A=560mm  (provided with  lubricating oil pipeline)

Cross shaft universal spindle (provided with spindle support)

Drive base and foundation bolts.

III. Hydraulic rectangular pyramid coiler  two sets

Drum size:Ф508×350mm

Motor: Z4-250-21  N=90KW  n=750/2250r/min     

Center-to-center spacing of speed reducer:  750㎜ 

Max.coil weight: 3000kg

Max. tension: 3t

Discharge form:  pushing plate, lifting and lowering, expansion and retraction are all hydraulic actions. (provided with hydraulic station)

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