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Ф110/Ф360×500 4-roller reversible cold rolling mill

◆Rolling Conditions:

  Material: stainless steel
   Feedstock thickness:1.0mm Feedstock width:400mm
   Finished product thickness:0.2mm Finished product width:400mm
   Rolling speed:V≤100m/min
   Rolling pressure:180T

◆Device Configuration:

  Main engine:Ф110/Ф360×500 4-Roller Cold Rolling Mill
   (1)Screw down gear:
   1、Electric press motor YZ 5.5KW×2 sets:
   2、Can be pressed at the same time, lifted, or lifted separately, pressed down;
   3、The worm gear is pressed into a secondary enveloping toroidal worm gear with a center distance of 240mm and a module of 12mm.
   4、Depression screw is B120×6, material is 40Cr;
   5、Worm gear box material is ZG270-500。

  (2)Rack Mounting:

  1、Two plates of close housing post(sectional dimension of the vertical shaft 200×260mm)
   2、With imported pressure plate
   3、With roller device;
   4、The upper roll is spring balanced

  (3)Roller Device:

  1、Working roll diameter × roll surface width Ф110×500mm Material:9Cr2Mo Antifriction bearings are adopted
   2、Supporting roll diameter × roll surface width Ф360×500mm Material:9Cr2Mo FC4058192 is adopted as the bearing
   3、Lubricating system:Dry oil lubrication
   4、Roll changing mode:Manual roll change(matched with roll changing track)

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